Metawana Summary

Metawana is a fun play-and-earn game where players can cultivate rare and exotic NUGS, evolve them into powerful Battle Buds that compete in PvP contests, and receive in-game rewards every step of the way. Each NUG / Battle Bud are NFTs created with a unique traits and paired with dynamic in-game abilities and rarities.
An example Legendary "Baby Bud" NFT (Level 2)
Metawana will launch on the Solana blockchain.

Executive Summary

Metawana is a decentralized play-and-earn game that combines cultivation, strategy and exciting gameplay with the opportunity to digitally own unique game assets and earn crypto rewards.
Metawana is set in the Highlands, a once-happy place that produced the very finest cannabis until a greedy gang devastated the crops and enslaved the inhabitants. The Highlands are ruled by might and desperation until a mysterious traveler named Reefa teaches villagers to farm the NUGS and evolve them, via ancient hemp magic, into mighty Battle Buds. Can the unruly Battle Buds be trained to reclaim the villager’s lost paradise?
The Highlands Town Square
Metawana utilizes the blockchain to give players true digital ownership of their in-game assets and reward them for ongoing achievements and skill. Metawana is designed to provide a sustainable and rewarding ecosystem for players regardless of their wallet size. Metawana NFTs will initially be available on selected Solana marketplaces, and shortly thereafter Metawana will launch its own marketplace. The Metawana Game DAO will issue an on-chain SPL token, $MWANA, which will provide players in-game utility and a token which will convey governance rights.
Please note that information in this Rolling Paper may be subject to change as we strive to create a balanced game and incorporate feedback from the community.

What makes Metawana different?

  • Gameplay for casual gamers as well as more strategic battlers - easy to learn and endless ways to master
  • Players cultivate rare strains of cannabis, compete with other farmers, earn crypto, and produce Battle Buds that will compete in real-time auto chess
  • Dynamic NFTs that evolve and level up, adding utility and new special abilities
  • A mission to empower a decentralized, player-driven, player-owned ecosystem that creates sustainable rewards and recreation for earners, players and collectors
  • ABOVE ALL - PUTTING FUN FIRST. We’re dedicated to delivering a genuinely awesome game built by a passionate and knowledgeable development team, with a long term vision to provide new content and improve player experience.


  • Farm v1.0 will be web-based HTML5 and work on desktop as well as mobile browsers
  • The NFT marketplace will be web-based ​
  • The battle game will initially be available on WebGL (desktop browsers), and as a mobile app on Android (APK side-load).
  • Other platforms to be rolled out in future based on community decisions.
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